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    Free and complete articles on

 How to write a song,  How to record a song,

 How to release your song,  How to promote

 your song, Mastering, Music Production,

 Music Publishing, Song writing tips,

 Recording Tips,  Record deals, How to sing,

Album promotion,  Radio promotion

(including Payola),

 Where to promote your music, Performing,

  Music Resource Lists  and a lot more.   

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      Songwriting click here 

         for free complete info on How to write a song,

        Song Structure, Song-writing Tips,

        writing a Hit Song,  Song Lyrics,

                Rhyming and a lot more


       RECORDING   click here

           for free and complete info on

           how to record your song,

          How to mic a guitar amp, how to mic drums,

           recording equipment, building a home studio,

           mixing, mastering, recording vocals, vocal

           techniques, CD duplication and much more



How to Release Your Songs click here  

   for Major Label vs. Indie Label vs. Self Release info

             -      LIST OF RECORD LABELS  and more


  RADIO PROMOTION part I click here  

    for complete and free info on radio stations,

    the charts,  types of radio shows,

    radio promoters, music, CD and case

    requirements,   formats/genres, 

       add dates,  investors and more 



RADIO PROMOTION part Il click here

         - the best time, types of radio charts,

   traditional Distribution, radio cost  - sheets,

   BDS/ Mediabase/ Soundscan,  commercial ratings,

    how to  -use videos for airplay, merchandise,

    Billboard Magazine,

    commercial  -regular rotation, 

    hiring your own record deal,     

   press,  gigs and retail, 

    CD sales from radio and more


RADIO PROMOTION part III click here

   - tour distribution using radio, setting up radio

       interviews, radio -distro -tours- press,

       consultants, FMQB airplay tracking,

       being overshadowed by major acts,

        performance royalties, how  touring , press and

      radio work together,  payola,

        station visits and more



PROMOTION click here 

      for free complete info on writing press releases,

      music promotion, how to add audio to your blog

      or website and more 


PERFORMING click here

    for free and complete info on controlling

      stage frightPerformance Contracts,

      How to Become a Successful

         Independent Artist, gigging and more







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