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How to Write,


  Release and

Promote your CD

How to Write

   a Song   

- Creating the Perfect

     Structure for Your Song


- Every Song Tells a Story..

      But Does it Need to be

          an   Abstract Novel?


  - So, You Want To


       The Key to Success

         For Songwriters


- How To Write A Song


  -  Write Songs the Music

       Industry Wants

             to Hear!


- How to Get the Right

      Balance of  Innovation

        and Predictability in

           Your Songs


- How to Develop a

          Good Ear


  - Seven Basic

       Songwriting Errors


- Adding Chords to

             a Melody


  - Making Your

          Own Music:

           Songwriting Basics


   - How to Write a Chorus


  - Writer's Web Resources


 - How to Overcome the

        Lyric Writing Hurdles

            that are  Keeping

                You Behind.


   How to Record

        Your Song     

     - Recording your songs


     - Music Production and

           Mixing Tips

                     & Tricks


     - Recording Drums -

         Miking Techniques


   -  Home Recording


  Studio Basics - Here's

          What You Need

               to Record    


   Studio Singing &

           Vocal Technique


  -  Preparing For Your

         Recording Session                                  


   - Tips for a Great




- The 5 Most Common

        Questions About

            Music Mastering


  - The Two Conflicting

        Paths of the

          Mastering House  


- The Role of CD

        Mastering Engineers    


   - Audio CD Copiers


  - Copy CD's Like A



  - Can't I just do my CD

       and DVD duplication

                        at home?


 - Is Your Band Ready For

          CD Duplication  Or

              CD Replication?


  - CD Duplication:

         Superb Quality At

            A Cheap Price


  - Tips For Turning

        CD Duplication

          Into A Profitable

             Side Business


  -  Don't Be Duped!

         Helpful Hints and

            Advice for CD



  -  Putting Sound on

          your Web Site


How to Release

      your Songs

-  Major Label vs.

         Indie Label vs.

            Self Release


-  Which approach to

          take label vs

             self release


-  R.I.A.A.  LIST OF



radio promotion

         part I  

- the stations, the charts,

    station employees, types

    of radio shows,

    promoters, music, cd

    and case  requirements,

     formats/ genres, radio

     vs. web, airplay vs 

     sales, the add date,



radio promotion

               part II 

- the best time, types of

    radio charts, traditional

    distribution, radio cost

    sheets, BDS/


     commercial ratings,

     how to use videos for

     airplay,   merchandise,

     Billboard Magazine,

     commercial regular

     rotation  hiring your

     own record deal,

     press, gigs and retail 

    cd sales from radio


   radio promotion

               part III

 - tour distribution using

    radio, setting up radio

    interviews,radio -distro

    tours- press,

    consultants, FMQB

    airplay tracking, being

    overshadowed by major

    acts, performance

     royalties, how touring,

     press and radio work

     together, payola,

     station visits 



 - How To Increase your

         Sales Through

            Streaming Audio


  - Internet Music


               For Dummies


  - Why Radio Won't

          Play Indie Music


   list of

      radio stations



   - title


   - Defeating

             Stage Fright              


  - To Tour Or

       Not To Tour...

        That Is The Question!


   -   How to Become

        a Successful

          Independent   Artist

            or Songwriter


  -  The Gigging Essentials:

        The essential guide

           to gigging


- How To Get TV

        Stations At Your Gigs


-  Home Run Gigs


-  Does Your Band Need

        a Promotion Package?


  -  Performance Contracts


  -  Hustle + Passion

                 + Resiliency


-  Become Performance


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